GREAT!  You are the manager of a project requiring credentials and demanding verification of certain qualifications from your sub-contractors and in-house Team.  Whether your company is one or more of the following: General Contractors, Project Managers, Site Managers, Site Owners, Safety Directors, Compliance Officers...  you are in the right place.

QRedentials has created a National Registry of all producers of this required information.  These educators, training facilitators, agencies, in-house training, and other producers of credentials use on-line, face-to-face (F2F), Webinars, Site Training, and many formats to train for certification.  Then in collaboration with QRedify and your work force, we manage the verification and expiration of each and every credential you require.   

QRedentials collects information from these providers then, using our Patented Process, verifies the legitimacy of each document, providing the data to our Members Customers... YOU!