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How QRedentials works for you...

A Qualified Member is simply anyone needing to maintain a required level of credentials, education, or documentation and might appreciate verified credibility, management of expiration issues, display, updates, and/or saving time and money. 

If your Organization is affiliated with any of the above Member Types (Member Groups, Sales, service provider, support team, or any other affiliate or partner) that does not qualify for one of the above Member Types.  Register as a CORROBORATOR, then tell us how we can affiliate...  

The owner of the project requiring credentials and demanding verification of worker's credibility. Maybe your Organization is one or more of the following: Management Firm, General Contractor, Project Manager, Site Manager, Site Owner, Compliance Officers...  


Certification Providers are the folks that provide professional training, teaching and skills-evaluation then provide documentation of successful completion.  (Schools, Training Companies, Instructors, In-House Training Providers, Manufacturer Training Certs...)

ONLY BLACK DIAMOND MEMBERS will be maintained as we improve to v3.0 "QRedify"

​​Since 2014, QRedentials® has become the global leader in employee credentials management, verification and display. We are the largest credential management service of our kind in the world.

 Collect.  Store.  Verify.  Manage.  Code.  Display.